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A to Z Challenge – 2019 (update)



Only one day left!

Monday, the A to Z Challenge is officially starting. I had decided that my theme for the 2019 edition would be my trip preparation. But as you might know, my plane tickets have been canceled a few days ago, when Wow Air went bankrupt.

Needless to say that blogging about getting ready to fly to Denmark would be just be unnecessarely cruel, right now. So instead, I’ll stick with Vikingland, but thanks to Marquessa‘s help, I have a new theme. I’ll try posting about places to go in Denmark. I hope you’ll enjoy my challenge posts despite the change of plans.

As the days go by, I’ll link my posts to the list below. That way, you can have an easy access to all of them.


April 1st: Aalborg April 2nd: Bagenkop  *  April 3rd: Copenhagen  *  April 4th: Dragør  *  April 5th: Esbjerg  *  April 6th: Frederikshavn  *  April 7th: Gentofte  *  April 8th: Hobro  *  April 9th: Ikast  *  April 10th: Jerslev Sjælland  *  April 11th: Kolding  *  April 12th: Læsø  *  April 13th: Møn  *  April 14th: Næstved  *  April 15th: Odense  *  April 16th: Padborg  *  April 17th: Q  *  April 18th: Randers  *  April 19th: Skagen  *  April 20th: Tønder  *  April 21st: Ullerslev  *  April 22nd: Viborg  * April 23rd: W  * April 24th: X  *  April 25th: Y  *  April 26: Z  *

6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – 2019 (update)

    1. The A to Z Challenge is a challenge in April of each year. You use the 26 letters of the alphabet to inspire a post a day from April 1st, to April 26th. You can have a theme, or just go free style. It can be fiction, poetry, thoughts… Just about anything you want to post about 🙂

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