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A to Z Challenge – 2019



Only one week to go! Wether your life is running like a quiet river, or you feel like you are riding a roller coaster, time doesn’t stop for anyone.

I know many of you have been preparing for the 2019 A to Z Challenge. If you haven’t, and still want to jump in, it’s not too late. Just pick a theme, or get ready to go totally free style. All you have to do is publish a post a day starting April first, and let yourself be inspired by the alphabet, as the month goes on. No rules about length, subject or style.

I initially wanted to make my A to Z Challenge about fiction. But due to recent family matters, my preparation was cut short, and I realized that I couldn’t control my inspiration. So I decided to change my theme to something closer to my daily life. And since I’ll soon be boarding one of my purple planes again, I’ll be using the challenge to give a few tips, and share my own way of traveling solo.

As the days go by, I’ll link my posts to the list below. That way, you can have an easy access to all of them. (the list isn’t complete yet, but I am confident ideas will come as I go along with the challenge)


*  April 1st: Airbnb  *  April 2nd: Be bold  *  April 3rd: Couch Surfing  *  April 4th: Discover  *  April 5th: Explore  *  April 6th: Freedom  *  April 7th: Goals  *  April 8th: H  *  April 9th: Improvise  *  April 10th: J  *  April 11th: Kroner  *  April 12th: Leave a trace  *  April 13th: Memories  *  April 14th: New paths  *  April 15th: Open up  *  April 16th: Packing up  *  April 17th: Quest  *  April 18th: Relish  *  April 19th: Shine  *  April 20th: Train  *  April 21st: U  *  April 22nd: V  * April 23rd: Wanderlust  * April 24th: no X-cuse  *  April 25th: Y  *  April 26: Z  *

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – 2019

  1. I came over to see what your theme was hoping (seriously hoping) I would get a theme idea…….I still have zero clue what to write about. Dag nab it! Maybe I will just quote the german stuff George blurts at me when annoyed…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry this post wasn’t helpful, Madame Suze! I did post another one with a couple of ideas… Maybe one of them will inspire you? Or maybe you could ask Sam to help you? I think we all enjoy your conversations with the little guy 🙂 xx


    1. Oh… It is a big backpack, the biggest allowed inside the plane, but trip after trip, I manage to make it lighter everytime I leave home. I am allowed 25 pounds max, and last time my bag was only 20 pounds when it got weighed at the airport… I am aiming for 15 pounds this time… The lighter it is, the less complicated the trip gets 😛 It is amazing how little we really need!


  2. Neat. I can’t waitto read this. The travel theme is very unique in conjunction with your real travelling you’ll be doing. Hope your having a good time or will! 🤗


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