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Little tip, if you’re new in the Bloggosphere…

And little tip, if you are, by all means, not new, but are looking for a way to improve traffic on your blog, too! Or if you’re just looking for a fun challenge… Or if you’re just the curious type!

Three years ago, The Cove was still just a tiny little blog. After almost a full year of daily blogging, I had around 200 readers, and I was happy with it. But… (there’s always a but, right?) I was impressed by people who had a much larger readership, and I wondered if I would ever grow mine too.

And my dear friend, and lovely Lady Linda from Tales From the Cabbage Patch, gave me one of the greatest advice I ever got, blogging-Wise. She introduced me to the “A to Z Challenge”, and told me how participating herself, had given her blog a great boost.

The “A to Z Challenge” normally takes place in April, over a period of 26 days. You just have to make a post per day, about anything you’d like. It can be poetry, fiction, daily anectdotes… As long as day 1 is based on a word starting with “A”, day 2 a word starting with “B” and so long!

You can have a theme, but you don’t have to. It is a fun challenge to take par of, and my friend Linda was right, it brought quite a lot of extra traffic to The Cove, when I first tried it.

I didn’t know, back then, that it was a yearly challenge, and it so happens that the 2019 edition is the challenge’s 10th anniversary!




If you want to get more information about it, or if you want to know where to sign up (although you don’t really have to, I had not, the first time I did the challenge) you can visit the A to Z Challenge page.

And on a personal note…

I’d like to welcome Linda back to her blog, after a long break away from her readers. On July 29th of 2017, Linda lost her beloved son in unexpected, tragic and accidental circumstances. She did hold on to blogging for a short while, but grief is a long and painful process, especially when you lose someone so close and so dear to you, and Linda has been quiet for the past sixteen months.

She has reappeared on the blogging radar this week, though! So if you know Linda, and want to welcome her back too, just come and visit her here! If you don’t know Linda, but you’d like to get to know her, also click here. If you don’t know Linda, and you don’t care… Well, your loss! Mouahahahaha

Love you Linda!! *Muuuuuuuuah!!*


Oh, and don’t forget about the A to Z Challenge! Join in, have fun! And maybe, just maybe, it’ll have the same boosting effect on your blog traffic… Who knows??



12 thoughts on “Little tip, if you’re new in the Bloggosphere…

    1. She is one amazing Lady 🙂 I feel Lucky to have great people like you and her around me, here in the bloggosphere. It is always sad to see a friend go through such a painful episode of their life, but at least, she is back, and I am sure she will help others with her experience!


      1. I truly understand your affection for her, I did drop a line for her. Hope the messages from well wisher might help her bounce back much faster than it is supposed to be.


    1. It’s great to see her rise again, uh? 🙂 I was all excited to read her new post, even if it is packed with a lot of emotive content that didn’t call for a victory dance.

      I am still thinking about my A to Z Challenge theme… I am thinking, maybe something trip prep related, since I’ll be getting ready for my new Denmark pilgrimage 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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