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FFF Challenge – Pets




Nice, soft snow-white fur.
An unforgettable stare,
but forget the purr!



Via Kate’s Friday Foto Fun Challenge: Pets

7 thoughts on “FFF Challenge – Pets

      1. Mouahaahahaha most definately! I let her have it her way most of the time… Her rough cuteness is a very powerful weapon 😉 But I am a bit more strict with her than with her late sister, Cissy, because the poor kitten had severe heart problems…

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      2. I had Cissy first, but we discovered that her heart had malformations vets had never seen before… They gave her a life expectancy of about a year. The breeder offered to take her back and give us another ”unbroken” kitten. I was too in love with the little furball, and we kept her. She managed to live a full four and a half years, and died in my arms… The breeder gave us Freja free of charge, when Cissy died. Both were from the same beautiful mommy 🙂

        Exercise isn’t really something on Freja’s to-do list LOL So the cold weather isn’t a problem 😛

        And yes… The clock’s ticking!

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