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At the door…



The knock on the door woke Vohne in the middle of what had been his best night in weeks…

He brushed his sleeve against his eyes, to chase away what was left of the sleepiness, and rushed to the house’s main entrance. Was Cibelle back at long last? He had tried, oh, how he had tried to contact her. But the only presence that had shared his lonely nights, was the protective feline figure that allowed him to Dreamland once in a while.

Vohne tried to unlock the heavy door, but his fingers were shaking.

Come one! he thought, working on the knob.

He just longed to take Cibelle in his arms. He just wanted to hold her again. He hated the fact that by now, she probably knew she would have their destinies in her hands. He had loved her naivety. But that was gone.

Finally, the door came open. And only Claudius stood in the way.

Good day, young friend! – he said.

Vohne meant to ask where his Lover was, but all he could do was look right and left, hoping that she was just hiding behind the old man. Unfortunately, he stood alone. And somewhat amused by Vohne’s surprised look.

Would you mind letting me in, Vohne? This was a long and exhausting travel, and I would be glad to rest a bit…

The young man stepped aside, and let Claudius make his entrance, while he still scrutinized around and about, looking for Cibelle’s silhouette.

Waste not your time searching… Your Ladylove is not with me.

What did he mean, “not with him”? First, the mysterious old man had popped into their life, out of the blue… Then he had revealed that Cibelle was The One, and had taken her away, on the pretense of having to “prepare” her. And now he was back without her?

Vohne felt rage rising inside, making his blood boil, and he wanted to wrap his strong hands around Claudius’ throat and squeeze the truth out of him.

Reading his every thoughts, the wizzard smirked, sat down and stared back at Vohne while stroking his white beard.

Calm down, young man… Neither of us really want you to do this. You still need me more than you can fathom! Believe you me, Vohne!

Despite his patronizing tone, the old man feared him a little, and Vohne felt a slight but distinctive pressure against his chest. Not strong enough to push him back, but a clear reminder that Claudius still could fight him.

And win.

Well aware that physically wrestling the truth out of Claudius was a dead end, Vohne reluctently sat in front of him.

Good… Good… That’s much better…

His grin widened, showing surprisingly white teeth. Leaning slightly towards Vohne, the wizzard continued.

Now, before I tell you what happened to Cibelle, you and I have to discuss what will happen to you!

Poking him in the chest with the tip of his walking stick, Vohne felt a shiver running down his spine. Did Claudius come back just to get rid of him? What other schemes was he hiding behind his long beard?

Whatever reason had brought him back and alone, he was just about to find out.

And Vohne wasn’t sure he wanted to know.




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