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Pretty in pink…

Previously posted on August 22nd of 2017.



He had tried to erase the message at least a dozen of times, but he didn’t manage just yet. He couldn’t tell why. It was stupid… Not as if he risked forgetting the four words written on his cell phone’s screen.

Still, he gave it another quick look.


Wearing pink panties today!


He turned the phone off again.

Why? – he wondered. But who was he trying to fool? He knew exactly why she had done it… Sneaky fox! She was well aware that no matter how clever, punchy or even mean his response would be, she had already won. Again.

She knew she couldn’t have aimed better, even by sending a picture of said undergarment. It would have killed the mystery, and she was well aware of that. Like asking someone not to think about a white elephant, she would be on his mind all day.

Winning again…  He grinned.

Sneaky, witty fox…

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