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Been, uh?



This wasn’t my idea. It is totally Fandango’s fault!

I was at work, just going through the latest posts around, leaving a “like” and a comment here and there, when I came across Fandango’s Been There or Not.

There was a world map involved, so I invited myself in, and discovered that you could download this very simple app both for Apple and Android devices (yeah, they have it for Android, Fandango, I got mine, and it works fine! hehehehe), called “Been”.

You just make the list of all the countries you have visited so far, and it provides you with a map that makes you realize how little of this world you’ve really seen!

I mean…. 8%?? I thought I had traveled a fair bit compared to most people I know.

The problem is that I seem to be interested in small countries. For an example, I bet Luxembourg didn’t make any difference… But I’ve been there a couple of times!

I just feel it isn’t fair, and I wonder if Been-people would consider adding an option to calculate what percentage of the countries I have visited based on the total number of them, instead of their surface area?

My score wouldn’t be mind blowing either, but I have a feeling it would beat 8%.

Anything beats 8%…


Thank God I have crossed the South border and been to the States a couple of times… I don’t want to imagine my percentage without US painted orange!

Fandango, what do you say we make a deal? The first one who wins the lottery’s jackpot invites the other for a “Raise your Been %” tour. I say we start with Greenland, then stop in China, visit Aussiland, and finish up with Brazil… We both never went to either these countries, and I think they would substancially increase our scores!

Do you have the Been app too? What is your percentage? I am curious…



33 thoughts on “Been, uh?

  1. Sheesh, Cyranny. You’re complaining about having only visited 8% of the countries across the globe? Well, guess what? I’ve only visited 6%! And our percentages are based upon the NUMBER of countries visited, not on either population or surface area. I have been to Russia, which is a big friggin’ country. And even though I’ve been to Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, that’s only 7% of North America (according to “Been”) because of all of the small countries and tiny island nations in Central America and the Caribbean!

    But yeah, if either one of us hits it big in the lottery, I like your plan!

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    1. Oh my. I really thought it was based on surface area….

      It’s even worse then… Mouahahahahahahaha! I think we should get bonus points if we’ve been to the same place often!

      Well, in that case, I think we should re-think the “Raise your Been %” tour and go to central America and binge visit all the little places 😛

      Thanks for the clarification, and for sharing about the application 🙂

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  2. I have this app but can’t get it to show the whole world like a map. I permanently have the list at the side of the screen. Do you know how to move it? Also why are the Falkland Islands under Africa?? 😔 Also Australia and NZ are under other. How rude!!

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    1. To have the map without the county names list, I clicked on the three little dots to ”share” it to my WordPress librairy or my tablette’s galerie 🙂 Let me know if it works!

      I just got the app, and I hadn’t noticed the map was inacurate. Maybe they wanted us to play ”Where’s Waldo?” with some countries??

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    2. That’s strange. In my app (for the iPhone) the Falkland Islands are under South America. Australia and New Zealand, along with a bunch of South Pacific island nations, are listed under “Oceania.” Are you using the Android version?

      As to the world map, there are two views. The “3D” view is a rotating globe in my app. The non-3D view is the flat map of all the countries, as shown at the top of Cyranny’s post.

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      1. Thanks Fandango. I was using my MacBook Pro so I downloaded it there. I’ll look on my iPhone to see if I get the views you have. Its so addictive isn’t it? You’ve started something – everyone will be downloading it 🙂

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    1. Wow!!! 19%??? That’s awesome! I am never going to reach that, as long as Denmark keeps calling for me 😛 I will better my percentage, but I doubt I’ll double it anytime soon LOOOL


    1. Hehehe, it gives you a percentage based on the number of country you visited on a total of 248. I think it is interesting, but even if the result is not very impressive 😛


    1. Don’t say that, Beckie! Life’s not only about traveling 😛 If so, most of us would have wasted our time on earth LOL Besides, Canada and the U.S. are already a very large territory to explore… 😉

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