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You are a maze, a true labyrinth
Layered innuendos
A smell of enigma clinging in the air
Your deep voice echoing
against the vine covered walls.
Chanting half-helping clues
And I run, but never to safety
My hair caught in your lies
The ivy scratching my skin
Somewhere, on the edge
of my waltzing sanity…

Nothing rhymes, the beat is off
Your complex soul is a black hole.
I was sucked in, there is no way out
Iโ€™ll never make it back home.


But do I even want to escape?
I hear the comforting drumbeat of your heart,
your honeyed breath blows on my cheek.
Ever so close, though unreachable.
Promises made to brake, brush against my skin.
Fool me once, fool me twice
then leave me in the dark.

I am the phantom
wandering in the back
of your intricate mind.



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge prompt:ย Intricate

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