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The woodpecker…



And the woodpecker pecked
as woodpeckers do.
Peck peck peck on the branches
and the tree bark too.
I wanted the woodpecker
to fly far and away.
Not that I don’t like its kind
quite the opposite I would say!
But I knew woodpeckers’ wings
were just short of a plane…
So I tied a note to its leg
on the paper was your name.
Told the woodpecker to fly fast,
to fly fast and high…
And to never rest until
it would finally fly by,
a house far away where
woodpeckers never got.
Only then its woodpecker’s journey
could come to a stop.
Hoping that you’d notice
my woodpecker little friend,
and hold its exhausted body
in the palm of your hand.
Gently untying the knot
around its tiny foot.
Making yours and yours only
its most humble loot.
And if by any chance
it brought a smile to your lips…
Please send my woodpecker back
with an answer tied to its hip!

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