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I don’t usually…


When J gave me this glass for Christmas, I knew I’d take a picture of Freja drinking from it…


I don’t usually share the same picture here and on Instagram. I don’t mind people who do it, and I understand how it gives more exposure to their shots.

Personally, I prefer to use both platforms differently.

I opened my Instagram account a couple of years back, but I wasn’t using it at all. I started feeding it from time to time earlier this year, but it is really when I got my new smartphone with the Instagram app, that I started publishing almost daily.

I like it, because it allows me to post a picture within a couple of minutes, when a WordPress post would have taken me much longer. I usually feel the need to join a description or a poem, when I publish a picture in The Cove, making it more time consuming.

I’ll probably start posting my After Eight Moments again sometime soon, after the turn of year. I truly miss the series. But in the meanwhile, if you like my pictures and would like to see more, please come and visit me on Instagram. You just have to look for thecyranny. I’d love to follow your thread too!

I wish you all a lovely “in between holidays” weekend!



15 thoughts on “I don’t usually…

  1. Cute pic!!
    And I’d LOVE to follow you on IG my dearest , actually I’m doing that rn !
    Can’t wait to see what you have to post❤️
    My account is personal for my own pics, but surely you’ll be a great addition!
    Love you xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, your blog is really wonderful. Personally, even I prefer to keep the content of my various social media accounts different. I’m sure your Insta account is going to be just as fabulous. Happy writing!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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