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Looking back… Day 19.



Burn, little flame burn!
Your fire creating warmth,
Yet killing out time.




14 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 19.

    1. Thank you Bro 🙂 The Christmas spirit is catching up with me (just in time)… Moving to my home town tomorrow for the family and friends gatherings. Good times coming, and I hope the Holidays are good in Texas too 🙂 xx

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      1. Hiya, Sis! I’m glad the Christmas spirit finally found you. 🙂

        I didn’t realize you were in the process of moving. I hope it goes smoothly and, as you say, good times are coming!

        Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Hugs!

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      2. Thanks Biff 🙂 I think I didn’t express myself well, I meant that I would be spending a couple of days at my parents’. We were lucky, we got really nice weather for the drive there, and the drive back! It was a nice Christmas overall, and I hope you had a good time too… Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve? I usually spend it with the family, but I’ll be working until midnight this year, so no party for me.

        *big hugs back*

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      3. Hiya, Sis! You expressed yourself fine. It is just my holiday-addled brain not interpreting plain English correctly. I’m glad you had a nice Christmas and that the weather cooperated for the drive. My Christmas was nice, too. Pretty low key. Just hung around the house and tried to keep things simple.

        No big plans for NYE. I’m definitely a stay-at-home kind of person since I don’t care much for crowds or hullabaloo.

        I’m sorry to hear you have to work. Perhaps you can have a slightly delayed celebration the next day? It’s bound to still be NYE somewhere around the world. 🙂

        *big hugs again!*

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      4. I prefer quiet holidays to big a big party festival… We already have to go through a marathon of celebration with Cheri’s birthday being 2 weeks before Christmas, then my brother’s the week after, then Xmas, then New Year’s Eve, and finally my father’s birthday the first week of January. Pfewwww… It feels as if we’re constantly preparing some celebration 😛

        For New Year’s Eve, I’ll probably open a bottle of bubbles when I come home at midnight (I have a 3 minutes walk from the office to our apartment) and sit back to relax 😉

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      5. Wow! That is a lot of celebrating! You must be exhausted by the time NYE rolls around.

        I share your preference for quiet holidays to raucous parties. I must have been a hermit in a former life. Give me peace and quiet any day!

        Enjoy your bubbles! *hugs!*

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      6. Yeah, it is quite a marathon… we could make joined parties, but we like to make everyone feel special, so… 😉

        We are definately related… LOL Mom and Dad probably had us in a cave in the woods 😛 And had us adopted after a couple of years 😛

        *hugs back*

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      7. It’s good to make others feel special. You certainly have made me feel special with so many of your wonderful comments!

        And you’re right about Mom and Dad stowing us away in a cave in the woods! Ha ha! We were probably terrors as toddlers, and so they came up with the cave idea pretty early on.

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