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I admire people who are disciplined. I wish I had what it takes to get back from a long day of work, pack my bag and go training for an hour or two. But when I get a little free time, I usually prefer to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and my tablet.

One thing I don’t understand at all, though, is crossfit.

I don’t get why people would want to work out until they feel like puking. But it seems like more and more are joining the cult of over-exercising with way too much motivation.

Today was a day to forget, and I needed something to make me smile. The following video always gives me a good giggle… So I watched it a couple of times.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too!











14 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. I’m a distance runner. I run first thing every morning. If I don’t I feel like shit the rest of the day. Not to mention I need to keep my legs toned if I’m going to rock “Davy” Dukes and “Meggings” after all. ;-P

    But yeah, crossfit? I don’t get it. No thank you. I can’t imagine the long term health effects are good for you. They can’t be.

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    1. I can’t see the good in anything that excessive either… But it is the dream training for hyperactive people 🙂

      I bow down to your discipline, Lynn. But it is true that you have the perfect motivation… Can’t let these legs get all floppy, right? 🙂

      I tried to set some kind of schedule, for myself (for simple exercise, not crossfit LOL) but with my weird working schedules, it seems imposible to do. Ok, I know it’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but it gives me a good excuse to read and write more LOL


    1. Same here 🙂 I know a couple of people who enjoy (really??) doing crossfit, and I must admit that it is an effective way to get fitter… But I don’t need that level of fitness LOL

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  2. I agree with you 100% on wishing I was disciplined. I’m not in the least.

    I also don’t understand crossfit. The guy in the office next to mine (who is about my age) got into it. Soon he was talking about nothing else. Crossfit this. Crossfit that. And he did indeed lose some weight. And then he blew his knee out doing crossfit. It was just another indication to me that I wanted no part of it.

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    1. I like my knees too! They might not be parts of the fittest legs you’ve ever seen, but I really enjoy the fact that they bend in the middle without putting me in the least bit of pain!

      Maybe I could try to find something in between, that would motivate me into exercising regularly without feeling like it is pure torture… LOL

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      1. Knees were no doubt a very revolutionary development in leg technology. Mine work very well except when I have been squatting down to look at something on a bottom shelf or on the floor. They they crackle and pop like popcorn when I’m standing back up. They don’t hurt, but the sound effects are very embarrassing in the quietness of a library or book store!

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      2. OMG, if anyone still doubts that we are sibblings, we’ll just have to do some synchronized knee crackle-popping! I have the same!! For real!! L.O.L.


  3. I’m only able to muster dragging myself to the gym during the week as the gym is in the same building as my office. Though that’s working with a PT (I got sessions to force myself to go) and basic Pinterest workouts. Hehe So there’s not really an excuse to miss going. Lol though, I’ll admit I do quite enjoy going home instead and cuddling up on my couch with my kindle to read or computer to write 🙂

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    1. The only period of my life when I managed to keep a tight training schedule was when my gym was on my way from work to home (sweet home)… and even then, I had to kick my butt to stop in the parking lot. My car seemed to have a mind of its own, that told it I had to get straight to the house! LOL

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