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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



The past week has been a bit blah in The Cove. When my good ol’ Lenovo tablet started giving me serious trouble downloading, using and posting stuff online, I decided to just slow down on blogging and writing altogether (Lenovo had something against the new keyboard, and wouldn’t connect with it after a mere 24 hours honey moon).

Today, Cheri told me “let’s go to the store, and find you a new pal-tablet!” I turned down his offer, telling him I didn’t want to spend that much money on an electronic device, when I already had one that (almost) works. But he insisted, saying how he prefered that we spent the money, instead of seeing me giving sad looks to Lenovo every now and then for another week…

So we went to the store, and after thinking this over and over and over again, I brought Samsung back home and set it up! And this is my very first post with my brand new (almost) best friend!

And I thought I’d share my latest earworm.

This coming October, I’ll be traveling to Brooklyn N.Y. to see my favorite Danish band, Mew.

The only CD allowed in the car these days is their latest album Visuals. This is my favorite tune from it, and I am sorry not to have an actual video to show, because the guys really work magic with their official music videos. But the good side is that since there is no actual video to see, you can close your eyes (put on headphones if you can, I recommend it) and enjoy!


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