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Out of Service…




Last night, my beloved keyboard died.

I don’t know if it went out peacefully in its sleep, or if it suffered a long, painful death. I don’t know if it had some rare keyboard disease, or if it commited suicide (I pretty much doubt that, given the love and constant attention it recieved from my cuddling fingers… Then again, you never know, right?)

I just found it lifeless this morning.

This means no blogging for a couple of days, at least. No writing offline either, unless I take some pen and paper out… But I doubt I’ll do that. I’ll still come and have a look around, and I’ll take care of the Word of the Day Challenge when it is my turn to do so, but that should be about it.

I only have my tablet, and that onscreen keyboard makes it impossible to type more than a line or two without going insane. It has double auto-correct (in French AND English) and tends to purpusefully pretend it didn’t notice I actually switched languages (it systemically corrects in the wrong language…)

When I noticed the total nonresponsiveness of Mr Keyboard this morning, I felt a bit distressed. Have you ever taken (or tried to take) your teenager’s cellphone away for a day? Well, I would more than gladly turn my own in, and trade it to get my dear keyboard’s life back!

Things are under control for now, because I am at work. For now, can write this on my pc. But tonight…


And of course I’ll have tons of ideas and inspiration. It is writen (lol) in the sky.

I still have a glimpse of hope that when I hit home, I’ll try to turn it on again, and see its cute blue light shining, then hit my password and actually see the letters on the screen.

A glimpse. But most of me feels pretty bitter about it. I think I am hanging around Ben’s blog too much…


29 thoughts on “Out of Service…

  1. Oh no! We can’t have you not around. I wonder if your keyboard has dies or if it’s a connection / cable issue. If it’s on a laptop there’s normally a ribbon cable connecting it that may have come loose.

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  2. I would such a writer be
    If not for the technology
    Although I’m good at other stuff
    I just can’t seem to write enough
    I can clean and I can cook
    Can’t seem to write this fucking book
    And since the world went digital
    I can’t do anything at all
    Give me a rocket, then I’ll try
    To write my message in the sky.

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    1. I hope you’ll forgive my French, let me know if you want a translation 😉

      Je t’écrirais sur
      du papier de soie.
      Je t’écrirais sur
      des serviettes…
      Mais mon pauvre
      compte souffrirait vite
      de disette!
      Car soupirer d’aussi
      loin, mon coeur,
      n’est pas donné!
      Mes missives brûlantes
      auraient tôt fait
      de me ruiner!
      Mais je ne suis pas
      de celles qui
      se laissent abattre!
      Et pour faire briller
      tes yeux, je me
      fendrais en quatre..
      Regarde au loin,
      l’horizon irisé,
      Je t’envoie, mon ami
      des signaux de fumée!


  3. Oh no! I feel your pain, I think my iPad is getting weary, it’s very slow. Heats up quickly too. Surely it can’t be me?😂 I can’t imagine the double spell check, one is plenty to drive you nuts! Good luck, hope all is well when you go home.

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    1. My tablet is almost 3 years old, and I am starting to worry about it too… I think I’ll check with some geeky friends for a way to make a back up of all my pictures, stories, and everything before it decides to die on me. That would be terrible!

      Long life to your IPad, may it go a little slower, but keep going!! xx


    1. As you know, I fixed the problem now… but I can still send you the dead keyboard. I you don’t get it to work again, you can always smash it up, it will be good for your stress 😛

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    1. Sorry for the delay…. It wasn’t a batterie problem, since it was rechargeable, and I could see it was fully charged. It even connected to my tablet, but the keys didn’t work anymore… But I got a new one now and it is a much better one. Should last quite a while!! Thanks for your comment, dear 🙂 xx


  4. I am so sorry to hear this. Honestly, when technology fails on me, I get overly distressed. I completely understand why my kids look at me in horror when I threaten to take away their phones. (But I always cave and never take them away…) I hope everything’s back up and running soon. ♥

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    1. I don’t really feel distressed when technology fails me in general, but I must admit that having access to my blog, but having to type with two fingers directly on my tablet screen was (very) frustrating… Fortunately, I had the day off yesterday, so I am now the proud owner of a brand new keyboard 🙂 Yay!

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  5. 🦋 My wireless keyboard died a few weeks ago but it did have help. A full cup of coffee did a dive off the writing pad hubby had put it on a few minutes earlier. Problem was there were a few pages that weren’t flat and the cup lost it’s balance.

    One would think I was crazy the way I rushed around with paper towels and finally the hair dryer…all to no avail. It couldnt be revived. I was write in the middle of scheduling part one of a 6 part story on my blog. It was like my world came to an end.

    Fortunately my dear hubby took part of the blame and went to the Apple store for a new one that very day.

    It’s funny how we get attached to individual devices. My favourite mouse for instance. I’ll never get one the same but new relationships are soon built.

    Hope it’s sorted out soon and you’re back with us.

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    1. Oh my, how I understand your rush to try to save the poor thing from sure death… In vain!

      Funny how I could live without pretty much anything else in my house… but being keyboard deprived was really annoying! And, as you said, there is the “but I’m used to THIS one” syndrom too! Like old slippers, your keyboard and/or mouse can be all worn out, and not have all the cool new features keyboards and mice have now… It just won’t be the same once you have to replace them….

      Thank you for your comment! It makes me feel a lot less alone in my situatio… lol

      Oh, and as you might have noticed… New Keyboard is home now… And I have to say (I’ll whisper in case the dead one still can hear) it IS better than its predecessor 😛

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