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Too late a letter…



Dear you,

I spent the afternoon with this very dear friend of yours, I know you know who I mean. Before this week, I hadn’t met with her in twenty five years, but it felt like we had parted just yesterday.

I didn’t know her that well back then. Not anywhere near as much as you did. But I so understand why you loved her so much. As I told her, my memories of you are closely entertwined with memories of her. You two seemed inseparable… I must say, I’ve been envious at times. I wish I had the chance to be this close to you. But it just wasn’t my place. And she most certainly was a better friend than I could ever have been.

We talked about you…

It was good to exchange these thoughts, because, though it might sound a bit pompous, I feel that she is the only one who still suffers from your early departure as much as I do, aside from your family of course.

She told me about your funerals, sixteen years ago, already. It was moving to hear her tell of how the church was packed with people who wanted to say their last goodbye. But I wasn’t surprised. You were a good man. You were smart, nice to everybody and your smile lit any room you walked into.

She still carries all this in her heart, too. I could see it in her eyes when she spoke of you. It was comforting to finally share this latent sorrow with someone. In person.

I loved you, with all my heart. I still do, from the great distance that separates us. I’ve let other people in my heart since, just as she welcomed other friends in her life. But you were never forgotten. We keep you alive. I hope you know that.

Time passes. Sorrow lessens. But as I told her, every now and then, I wish I just knew you are still alive. Driving your motorcycle, hanging with friends, taking care of a wife and a couple of kids, perhaps… I wish I could smile wondering what you are doing.

But we don’t get to change the story, do we?

What were the odds of me and her spending this time together? The incurable romantic in me would love to think you had something to do with our encounter. And if it is the case, thank you!

And thank you for crossing my path. And hers.

The memory of you is forever safe with us.


C xx

21 thoughts on “Too late a letter…

  1. Oh this is beautiful. If we can reach across that great divide this message will reach him. and yes, perhaps he did bring you and your other friend together or at least he may have been there in some way.

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    1. Thank you, Anne 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words. I sure hope he saw our encounter, this afternoon. And how strangely positive the energy was, although we both genuinely miss him.

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    1. I do too. I was spending the afternoon with this woman and her family, and when I was thinking about bringing up the subject, her husband suddenly took the boys with him and went away, leaving us alone. I really think we were meant to have this short but comforting conversation 🙂

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  2. a lovely tribute and healthy to confront your envy 🙂

    you and pops talking about me behind my back … you know I would never be violent! You two can keep your wealth and all the hassle that comes with it 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Kate. I am glad I never let jealousy spoil the friendship that I still share with her. I know envy, but I try to fairness in most situations… Otherwise, I hope karma takes care of business, someday 😉

      I know you’re not the least bit violent 🙂 I was just embarassed to tell Brutus I had failed him in such a simple task as making coffee 😛

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