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Would you?




Fool me, lie, pretend… Roll me into your stories, caress me with a fake compliment about my not so blue eyes. Wrap me in wannabe romance, and leave me out to dry the next morning. I don’t care. I just crave the quick fix of your well penned pick up lines. Tasty goosebumps, stomach butterflies flutters…. Bring it on! Life is too short, shower me with your naughty intentions… As long as you finish your verse with deception, I won’t get hooked on you.

Because you wouldn’t want that…Would you?


16 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. I feed you little crumbs of tack
    Lacking detail. Lies, in fact
    I talk about your eyes, your lips
    Whilst targeting between your hips
    I celebrate what lies within
    Whilst lusting only for your skin
    And I’ll pretend to care, I’ll stare
    As you remove your underwear

    but, of course ….

    In truth you read me like a book
    I’m thankful that you overlook
    The ugliness that undermines
    My smorgasbord of pick up lines
    And so I hope you understand
    I’m thankful that you hold my hand
    And that perhaps the day will come
    You take me home to Dad and Mum.


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