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To the Daily Post Community: Thank You! — The Daily Post


Just yesterday, I was talking about the challenge of having the Daily post masters consider “Meh” as one of their Daily Prompts… And now this.

That’s too bad. I liked the Daily Post. It inspired me countless times, and I know a lot of people felt the same.

I only have one word on my mind…  Meh!

Saying goodbye is hard. Celebrating years of community and great blogging is anything but.

via To the Daily Post Community: Thank You! — The Daily Post

24 thoughts on “To the Daily Post Community: Thank You! — The Daily Post

    1. If I understood right, they will be putting an end to the Daily Post at the end of the month :/ The link in my post directs you to Ben Huberman’s explanation for the team’s decision….

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    1. I understand that seven years of daily posting is some achievement, but it IS an institution on WordPress now… Dee is considering taking over a similar daily challenge. I hope it will work out 🙂

      I hope you’re doing well, Miri 🙂 xx

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      1. That would be wonderful! And yes, you’re right, it is an institution now. Thanks C, I’m well and I hope you are too. Have a great weekend. x 🙂


      1. Awesome. Well what if you posted the word on Sundays? I could link to your post (as I’ll be linking to Kristian’s when he posts). Im. I’m not sure what time zone you’re in but I’m scheduling my posts at 7 am eastern. Kristian is in GMT and will be posting midday his time which is about the same time.

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    1. Ooooh! The return of the Great Count Gustaf! How very lovely to see you again my dear! I hope you are doing well, good Sir! 🙂

      I like “Meh” too… such an effective and expressive way to translate a lack of excitment 😛 Which is certainly not how I feel at the moment 😉 xx

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    1. You were the first one I had a thought for when I read the news!!! I love your occasionnal rants about Krysta’s and Ben’s questionable choices… I’ll have to try to find Boring Daily Words, to tickle your nerves 😛

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    1. I’d say “meh” is the equivalent of “bof” in French. (which is not really helpful here, I know I know…) It is used to express a lack of enthusiasm…

      Example? Sure…

      Anyone: How do you feel about going to work today, Cyr?

      Me: Well, you know… Meh!


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  1. a totally bizzarro world that almost made sense…. I still don’t know what it means but now know it is interchangeable with Bof which i also don’t know the meaning of and that was two (count em, TWO) dangling participial’s! WOOT!


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