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I am alive.

And as long as I am, people can injure my body, but they can’t hurt my soul. Only I can let them inflict pain. It is not easy, but any anger thrown my way, I can refuse. You say I am uninteresting, ugly or crazy? You are allowed to think just that. It doesn’t make me these things.

It doesn’t make me entertaining, intelligent or beautiful either. I am what I am, with my qualities and my flaws. But you don’t get to decide what I am and what I lack!

The only power over me you have, is the one I grant you. It is as simple as that. Not easy yet to practice in all awareness, but I am growing wiser day by day.

I can’t control your thoughts and your actions, only my reaction to them. Likewise, you can’t control me! So I kindly ask that you keep your angry “dos” and “don’ts” to yourself. I will act as I wish to, when I wish to.

I gladly accept friendly advice, but I will not take orders!

“Hate is like drinking poison, hoping the other will die” they say. I think it is true. If you want to be angry, so be it. But don’t expect me to get upset… I don’t have to be negative just because you choose to do it.

I know there’s good even in the angriest people. Hate is a sign of pain. And I hope yours will go away. Soon. I sincerly do.

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep working on my peace of mind, and to anyone tempted to take me for an angry waltz, I’ll just politely say; No!



P.S. Just a little note, as I’ve seen in the comments (I’ll answer each and everyone of you soon, but I am just a bit busy on other things tonight) that I might have given the impression that I was going through something bad, right now. It is not the case… This is a reflexion I started a while back, while working on ways to lessen the negativity in my life. 

I am sorry if I lead some of you to think I was having a bad day…  I am good, I just needed to put this new resolution into words. 🙂

14 thoughts on “No!

  1. Did I cause offence per chance?
    Did I trample on your toes mid-dance?
    With fumbling fingers in the dark
    Did I overstep the mark?
    Did I leave a little hole
    Whilst digging vainly for your soul?
    I meant to touch, but not to use
    But did I leave a little bruise?

    For in your tender eyes I see
    A certain animosity
    And suddenly on me it’s dawned
    That you may be a lady scorned
    So gather up your stick, your stone
    Cut my skin and break my bone
    Just don’t leave me by the phone
    For I can’t make it all alone.

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  2. This hits very very close to home for me. Thanks for writing and posting it. All of it.

    I like this line: “But you don’t get to decide what I am and what I lack!”

    Not always easy to put all of this into practice but it’s worth aiming for.

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  3. And perhaps I should now apologise for being trite and silly at a moment when you may, indeed, be in pain. I apologise. It is, perhaps, just my own way of dealing with things. But I don’t need to tell you how much support you have available to you from The Cove should you need it.

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  4. I think that is a quote from Buddha no? And it’s absolutely true. It takes great strength and fortitude to not be affected by negativity. But really all we can do is control our reactions not control what happens around us. Good advice! 💜


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