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Fill my cup…


Let the liquor pour, and dim the light. Don’t mind me as I wrap my scarred skin in shadows, drawing my darkest secrets, like crow feathers tatooed across my wrists and ankles, memories of the cuffs I wore for too long. Let the wine flow, and hope I learnt how to swim somewhere along this desert road. Keep the drinks coming, the lock of my golden cage is getting looser, with every other sip. Do you hear it? Do you feel it? The raging thud of my heart, furiously roaming your way… Hit me again, now. If you have the balls to look me in the eyes, if you are man enough to handle the strength that built up slowly but surely, behind my ragdoll’s eyes. The time has come to open this Pandora box… Another round of shots, what’s your poison, Honey? I long learnt that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m ready to spread my wings and show you what I’m worth. In all my blessings and all my sins. All my shades of survivor! I might look frail, but I am not fragile. I need not to be saved, not anymore, never again. I just want someone to see my inner warrior. So, if you’re tired of picking up lost damzels, fill our glasses to the brim…



34 thoughts on “Fill my cup…

      1. This is quite a dilema… On one side, you keep good memories, on the other, you have more fun but can’t recall any of it the next morning…

        I’m pretty spontanious… I guess we’ll see πŸ˜‰

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      2. The positive side of not remembering is the overwhelming desire to do it again to find out what happened. But, of course, one hopes that a clear memory of it would create the same response.

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  1. Pop the cork and pour the wine
    You and I are doing fine
    Found each other, not too late
    It’s time for us to celebrate
    Hands connecting hearts that sing
    Eyes detecting everything
    Inhibitions never more
    We’ll leave them on the bedroom floor
    Another sip of liquid bliss
    Memories are made of this

    It sounds like an advertising jingle for a cheap domestic bubbly, perhaps

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