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Cicada song…

Previously posted August 7th, 2016.



She was lying in the tall hay, eyes closed, open minded…

What is summer…?

It might have slipped from her lips. Or his, had he been there. But she was alone, with her thoughts, resting in the field, her skin offered to the sun.

What is summer…?

Summer is all about feelings, that’s why people crave it so much, she thought.

It is wild flowers blooming, and weeds growing tall… Green leaves covering trees, making them forget their winter’s nakedness. It is blood red moons, announcing the upcoming heat.

Summer is the smell of freshly cut grass. Or the tint of a thousand BBQs grilling all together, giving the breeze a symphony scent of promised delights. It is the salty fragrance of the sea, lingering on your skin after a day spent playing in the ocean’s waves.

Summer is the banquet of summer-fresh yummies, from the late spring strawberries to the early autumn sweet corn… The taste of a sandwich, not quite exactly the same, when eaten on a plaid in a park, while the children play with the dog at safe distance. It is the refreshing taste of water, drunk straight from the hose.

Summer is the sensation of the cool ocean spray on your heated body, and then the tickling of the warm sand, as you lay down to dry, hoping he’ll peek your way. It is the hot wind, pushing kites higher and higher to make the kids giggle, and the traitor frisky breeze that makes you squeeze in a little tighter, or have a good reason to do so, when the sun has set…

Summer is the chirping of birds, before the first ray of light in the morning… It is the wind in the leaves, making the forests sing their hush hush song as pedestrians walk between the bushes. Summer is an “I love you” murmured, curled up in his old beat up car, still feeling like a Disney Princess as he lowers his voice to reply “Love you too, babe” in the dark, not knowing yet that it will be just a summer love… or not.

Watching an ant walking up her ankle she kept wondering about summer.

What is summer…?

The wind seemed to whisper to her.

What is summer to you… ?


To her it all summed up in just one thing. One simple and natural thing…

Summer was a cicada song…





27 thoughts on “Cicada song…

    1. Thank you 🙂 Drinking water straight from the garden hose is one of my favorite childhood summer memories… Water is just so much refreshing that way for some reason! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A hazardous time to be a pale British Goth, more’s the pity … I’ll probably dig out the sunscreen and risk it this year, though, if I can catch the end of summer after recovery from surgery (which will hopefully be the case). Seems an age since I just relaxed on a beach …

    Liked by 1 person

      1. lol he would burst out the door with undies down cussing us … would would have to shoo them out so he could finish – so no harm to father or cicadas 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve known that 2 seasons kind of life, back when I lived in Africa… One day everything was dry, and the next, the rain started for months… and everything bloomed in just a few hours… It is quite special, to see life wake up so suddenly!!

      Liked by 1 person

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