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The leave…


Vohne had helped tightening the leather strappings around her calves. He knew she would need her ankles to be steady in the forest. The trails were still covered with snow, and it would most probably be almost knee high most of the time…

Cibelle didn’t remember the last time she had worn pants. She had to borrow Vohne’s, and the difference in sizes made the fabric puff around her otherwise svelt thighs. But she couldn’t risk leaving the house in her usual apparels.

Both their lives were in her delicate hands, now.

Fastening the long blade to her belt, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, resting his head on her stomach. He could smell the fear, even through her thick cloak. Even if his voice was muffled by the wool, Vohne spoke softly, knowing she could feel every word.

-You can do it, Love… I will not leave you alone until you make your way back to me!

Cibelle’s gaze was empty, but she knew it was time to leave the warmth of their home to fulfill her fate. Against all odds, she now would have to fight against creatures that had been her allies, or else…

Or else, she’d lose Vohne, after all they had been through.

The sun was peaking above the horizon, and there was no time to waste. Gathering what little courage she had, Cibelle cupped Vohne’s chin and pulled it up. Kneeling before him, she kissed his lips, as tenderly as if it were the last time their mouths were to meet.

-It is time, Dearest…. I have to go now. Make sure to lock the door behind me. I don’t know how long it will take me.

She stood up, and walked to the front door. Looking behind her shoulder, she carved the memory of Vohne’s silhouette in the back of her mind, knowing she’s need the souvenir, in time….

Wrapping herself tight in her cloak, she stormed out.

Coming back empty-handed was not an option.


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16 thoughts on “The leave…

  1. I love this and want to know what happens next. Why does she have to go out with a sword in men’s clothes to protect herself, her baby, and Vohne? Part 2 please 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Stunning and moving as ever. The trope of a fay being who has to surrender part of all of her nature for the sake a human lover is as old as the hills, but I don’t recall it ever being done so well or poignantly. The idea of Cibelle – herself practically a nature spirit – having to become an enemy to nature to save the life of her greater love is just heart-rending.

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    1. (I’ll get to your other comments a little later, as I am leaving home in a minute, but I just wanted to reply to this one first :P)

      Thank you for your support, Cheryl 🙂 With Eleanor, Kate, Dee, Bee, Mandibelle and several others’, your comments and feedback on this series are especially precious, because they give me the drive to continue what was meant as a simple post, at first (Frazil).

      Fantasy, magic and the spirit world are not my comfort zone at all, but I learn to appreciate it more and more with each part of the story, and I think it is stretching my creativity a whole new way…

      The next bit is coming soon… It is ready in the back of my mind 😉 And, I wouldn’t want to be a tease, but I am quite happy with myself, when it comes to the twist I found for that one!

      Many, many thanks again for reading, and leaving your kind comments!!

      *big hugs* my dear Bag Lady 🙂 xx

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