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“When even your mind betrays you at night,
where do you find shelter?
Where do you finally find comfort
When even your dreams all end into nightmares?”



Hours had turned into days, and days into weeks…

Vohne hadn’t awakened from the exorcism performed by the Mountain Spirits. From dawn until dusk, Cibelle spent every minute of her time taking care of his every need. Sponge bathing her Love’s broken body everytime fever threw him in painful convulsions, changing the bedding, and tucking him in lovingly. She fed him royal jelly and warm milk cautiously, and spoke softly to his ear, relentlessly begging him to continue to fight.

When the stars lit in the skies, and she found herself having just enough energy to crawl and curl up against his still body, she passed out more than she fell asleep, night after night. But instead of a peaceful rest, demons haunted her daze. Her guilty mind portaying the Blue Moon as a temptress wraping her long glowing legs around Vohne’s body, pulling him away from her… She couldn’t bare the shrieks of agony, yet they echoed in her head until the sun woke her to the newcoming day.

And each morning, as she miserably pulled herself from his side, to get ready to take on her routine, she wondered… “”When even your mind betrays you at night, where do you find shelter? Where do you finally find comfort, when even your dreams all end into nightmares?”

Yet she kept going on… She just had to, if she wanted to save Vohne’s life, at long last.


This is some sort of an homage to Sarah Doughty, whose work I’ve admired since I came across her blog. To find out about her beautiful micro poetry and storytelling, please take a moment to visit her site, Heartstring Eulogies.


Via today’s Daily Prompt: Betrayed

14 thoughts on “Nightmares…

    1. Awww thank you so much, Gorgeous! This really means a lot to me, and I too feel blessed we crossed paths in this parallel universe 🙂 With a little luck, we might sit together someday and share some time in person 🙂 xx

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    1. 😉 All I can say for now, is that Cibelle is a Forest child, and Vohne comes from the Mountain people. I was thinking about doing some kind of a prequal to set their backgrounds… But I am not sure just yet. Do you think that would be useful for the story? Maybe keeping the mystery going would be better….


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