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The fight…

When the Mountain Spirits had arrived, Cibelle was unconscious in the bed, next to Vohne’s almost lifeless body.

They had not needed explanation. The ghostly presences had just rolled her in a corner of the room, and surrounded Vohne, letting their glow cover his broken silhouette. Cibelle had anticipated that they would blame her for almost killing their spirit child, but there was no time for finger pointing. The clock was ticking.

She had tried to make her way back to the bed, crawling painfully. Imploring Vohne to hold on to dear life, she had noticed a twitch of his hand, the first movement since she had laid him there.

-Fight Vohne… I need you….

Her cries in the cold room were obviously too much to handle, and an invisible force pulled her toward the door. Sliding on the wooden floor, Cibelle was thrown out in a flash, and the door shut itself in her face before she even had the chance to fight back.

And it started.

A deep growl at first. She felt it more than she could hear the weird sound. A vibration, growing stronger and stronger. Making every wall of the house shake slightly… And then not so, the glasses hitting each others in the cabinets, like bells announcing the fight that was about to begin behind the closed door.

The roar went stronger still… Like a thousand horses running through the battlefield. Cibelle cried, leaning against the wall, feeling the pulsation through her whole body. She didn’t even want to imagine what was happening on the other side.

It was her fault, her fault only, if Vohne had to go through all this. If he made it through, she probably never could look him in the eyes anymore. If he made it through…

The thunder-like bursts changed suddenly. A shrieking sound covered it, so loud that Cibelle had to cover her ears… She had never heard anything like it. A deafening scream, so powerful that she lost her breath. The cry wrapped itself around her throat, making her choke.

Fighting for what little air she could manage to inhale, she just wished the noise would stop. She knew that would mean the end of Vohne, or the first minute of his second chance, and prayed that it would be the latest…

Cibelle noticed a few drops of blood on the wooden floor where she kneeled. The ongoing pandemonium was going to kill her, she felt it. If only it meant saving her Love… She curled up, aching in the neverending fury shaking the whole house.

And as suddenly as the noise had started, everything went silent.

Wiping the blood dripping from her nose to her upper lip, Cibelle looked up to see the door open slowly.

The silhouettes of the Mountain Spirits glided before her. Not even paying attention to her, they exited the now quiet home.

Not a word, not a thought shared. Gone like they had come.

Cibelle wondered if they had been successful, but hesitated to enter the room again.

What if they had failed? What if Vohne was… dead?



Via today’s Daily Prompt:Β Noise

12 thoughts on “The fight…

    1. Thank you, Eleanor πŸ™‚ As most people that write, I guess, I often picture the scenes before writing them down. I see them like a movie running in my head.

      Funny thing, this part of the story came to me as a flash, but it is one of the clearest I created yet… I wish I could make you all hear that… πŸ™‚

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