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No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

Freja is not a big fan of me.

Unless I have food in my hands. Or treats. Or when I clean her litterbox, or fill her water. The rest of the time, I am of almost no interest at all, for the furry ball.

I take that back. Asleep-me seems entertaining to her too.

But that’s about it… So you can imagine my surprise, this morning, when this happened:


After waking up, I usually get to the living room, open my tablet and scroll down to see what happened (or didn’t) during my not-so-beauty sleep. Freja usually follows me all the way to the couch. Simply because there are treats near the couch, she knows it, and she knows I know it is one of the only ways I get rewarded with the honor of petting her. (yes, I pay my cat to pet her… yes, this is pathetic… yes, cats will take control of the world, someday)

So, back to this morning, if you don’t mind? Freja was sitting by my leg, and I stretched to pretend I would pick her up. Yes, pretend because, since she hadn’t had her treats yet, contact was not an option. Usually this means Freja jumping out of my reach at the very last minute, acting as if she had just escaped the greatest peril.

But she didn’t. So I stayed there, my hands on each side of her, and attempted to actually pick her up the floor, which would most certainly result in hissing and growling and her finally running away. But again, she didn’t.

I put her on my lap, where she just lay, as if this was just something we did all the time. I dared to pet her, thinking I’d kill the moment, but she purred,

She purred!

And she stayed there, enjoying the petting for a long 25 minutes.

Something’s wrong. I just know it. I probably shouldn’t sleep tonight. I am scared.

If I don’t post anything tomorrow, please call the local autorities!


21 thoughts on “No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

      1. I have two cats, one a grey-haired boy with a dubious history and one long-haired girl who is the only being to have put me in the hospital, and they hated each other as sole survivors of a cat family where the others passed away of old age. For a while they started to be really sweet to each other, the hairdo boy giving haridos to the other, and that lasted for a long time and was great. Eventually though the girl decided that she hates the hairdo boy and punches him arbitrarily in the face, even when they sit on my lap together. Cats do what they want. Mine don’t even take bribes.

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      2. Unbribable cats?? That sounds even more dangerous than Miss Freja. At least I know I can get her to behave by taking out the bag of Whiskas treats… LOL

        I never had two cats at once… but my mom has two sisters right now, and they seem to have a love/not-so-much-love relationship going on too πŸ˜› They’ll lick each other for a while, and then one will snap at the other without any reason….

        Awww cats. We’ll never fully understand them. And life’s great that way πŸ™‚

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    1. If it got to her ears, how spoiled the cat we had before her was (she was very very sick, and we knew she’d have a super short life, so we made it the most enjoyable possible) I’d be in for trouble πŸ˜›

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