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In between…

He wasn’t awake, but definately not dreaming either…

Vohne felt like he was floating somewhere unknown, somewhere he had never been before. It was like being wrapped in a burning blanket, and he desperately looked around to catch a glance of Cibelle anywhere.

-Hang on… Love….

He could hear her voice, but it was so distant.

The last clear memories he had were those of his epic fight with the Blue Moon. Back then, he was convinced it would win, but now he highly doubted it had killed him. He didn’t believe in life after death. He didn’t want his soul to wander away if his body had given up.

Vohne wanted to scream out to Cibelle… He wanted to know she had made it to safety. But everything around him was darkness and torturing pain, blurring his thoughts as he tried to catch her voice in his mind, once more.

Suddenly, an invisible force seemed to pull him down. Down? Down where? He wasn’t anywhere, where else could he be pulled anyway? Not somewhere nice, that was for sure, as the burning and suffering seemed to get greater and greater.

-Keep your grasp, Love… Don’t let go just yet…

Her voice again, but it was so much dimmer. He really wanted to get a grip, to pull himself out of the dark, but what was he supposed to cling on?

-Fight, Vohne… I need you…

Barely a whisper. Death pulling him faster now, the pain becoming almost unbearable. He felt like whatever was left of him was about to get blown apart when he noticed a weird gleam in the darkness. Gathering his last bits of strength, he focused on the light.

“Don’t be a mirage!” he thought to himself…



Via today’s Daily Prompt: Grasp

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