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Don’t be late!

Cibelle discreetly wiped a tear, as she left the room, leaving Vohne alone for a short moment… The otherwise almost unshakeable nymph was as sensible as one could possibly be, but never before had she cried in front of her soulmate. For some reason, sorrow this deep was just something she couldn’t share with him… Not yet.

She threw a log in the fire, on her way to the living room’s large windows. The flames licking the new piece of wood, gave the room a warming glow she would have normally enjoyed. But not tonight. All she cared about was if the Mountain Spirits would make it in time…

She had called them as soon as they had closed the heavy front door behind, assuring Vohne and herself the protection of their home. She had pleaded for them to travel quick, for their Mountain Child’s life was at stake, and there was so little she could do.

A deep growl caught her attention, and she rushed back to the bedroom.

Kneeling close to Vohne’s broken body, she meant to caress his hand, but kept herself from touching his wounded skin. Fighting the full moon had been even more epic than they had ever imagined it. The celestial beast had given him no chance. It had hit, and clawed and bit relentlessly. It had burnt every inch of Vohne’s body. But more worrying than all the rest, it had sucked youth out of him.

Cibelle dared to run her delicate fingers in his now white locks, attentive to the least sign she could be hurting him any more. She only barely could recognize her once dashing lover… The Blue Moon had carved more wrinkles on his body than she thought it would someday bear. But her love for Vohne was blind, and she wiped another tear away, thinking to herself how very handsome he still looked, lying crooked in their bed.

The painful hissing of Vohne’s breath was slowly fading as they waited in the cold winter night.

Get out, Love… He had managed to tell her. Get out of the room and let me pass away, there is nothing you can do now!

But she was as stubborn as he was, and she knew there was something she could attempt. If only she could be sure that the Mountain Spirits would soon knock at their door… Vohne also knew the only cure his lovely companion could use, and he had forbidden her to even think about it.

I haven’t chased away the moon to lose you in the end…

Patiently, Cibelle bird-dogged him until the agony made him pass out. Then, leaning softly over his face, she brought her mouth close enough to his to feel his dim breath on her lips. And ignoring Vohne’s orders, she poured her youth down his tongue. With every drop flowing to his throat, she could see his chap lips healing a little… But she could also feel a strange fatigue taking over her own body.

Leaning a bit more, she finally kissed him. Blowing her youth into her almost lifeless lover.

Please don’t be late! She thought, getting dizzy and fighting a little longer, feeling strength again, under her fingers, as she stroke Vohne’s arm tenderly.

Please don’t be late!

Just before she, too, passed out, curled against him.


9 thoughts on “Don’t be late!

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline 🙂 I am very glad to see you enjoyed this story… I have a lot of fun with Cibelle and Vohne, they are lovely characters to play with 🙂

      I hope you had a great weekend!! xx


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