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Cibelle….!  Ciiibeeeeelle…..!

Vohne’s voice echoed through the forest as he walked knee deep in the snow. He should have known better than to leave their humble house this morning. His business wasn’t the least urgent, and he knew the way back home would get him home rather late.

For his defense, the skies had been cloudy all week, and he hadn’t noticed it was coming… But that wouldn’t bring any comfort now, and the guilt built up with every step taking him deeper in the woods.


His throat burnt from screaming her name in the early night. It wasn’t the first time, but what if he was just a little late, tonight? He couldn’t bear to lose her, not after all they had gone through together. He would never forgive himself for letting her down so stupidly.

The beast was out tonight, he had seen its bright almost fluorescent eye looking at him through the branches. Vohne didn’t have to fear it, it had no power over him. He knew it, but Cibelle was an easy prey let alone in the wild…


Still following the trace that her long furry mantle had left behind her, he wondered how she managed to walk so lightly on the icy crust covering the snow. He could barely distinguish her footsteps on the white path. Fighting the growing sense of panick, trying to keep a clear head, he finally entered the clearing.

Cibelle was nowhere to be found. He had hoped he would catch her wandering, in transe, circling around in a semi counscious state, waiting for her fate to come meet her.

Panting loudly, he looked around, for any sign that would show he wasn’t late, after all. The beast grinned… Vohne didn’t look it in the eyes, but he could feel its cold smirk. Before he had met Cibelle, he too just saw what everybody else thought it was. Now he was aware of the evil it represented for some sensitive souls like Cibelle’s.

He screamed her name again, from the top of his lungs, hoping to hear a cry back. He was only greeted with silence.

Finally looking up, Vohne cursed at the menacing silhouette. He knew if he had to, he would do it…

Staring at the full celestial body, shining on him from above…

If he had to, he’d show Cibelle that he could love her to the moon and back!




Via today’s Daily Prompt: Above

10 thoughts on “Above…

  1. Another fascinating look into this beautiful and haunting world. I love the atmosphere you create, of entering a fantasy world where ordinary physical laws and logic cannot be taken for granted, but the characters are fully part of it, accept it, and pull us into their perception. So dreamlike and compelling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Than you Eleanor 🙂 It is always so heartwarming to see you understand, embrace and enjoy Cibelle and Vohne’s very special universe 🙂 I hope they’ll inspire me another short intrusion in their life again soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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