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Sweet dawn…

The first glows of dawn were Vohne’s absolute favorite minutes of the day. That sacred moment when he gave her life again, and again, and again…

He woke up way before the sun started peeking in the morning skies, and fed the fire in the old oven. Chasing the night’s remains on his still sleepy skin, he rubbed his large hands to the warmth of the flames, and then put some water on the stove.

Waiting for the water to boil, he walked back to the room to paint her alive. Laying the different color jars on the bed, he sat where she had disappeared the night before. Lifting the covers, he dipped the tip of his fingers in sweet pink, and traced a calf, then a thigh… He always enjoyed painting the curve of her back. Playing with the colors, he created shades, bumps and dimples…

For Vohne, there was no greater scenery than seeing her, revealed under the patient strokes of his fingers. She was all mountains and valleys, and he gave his full attention to every detail about Cibelle.

But what he loved above all, was to pause, and choose the color of her hair. Every dawn he picked it carefully, knowing it would greatly influence her moods. Every shade fitted her lovingly, but he took great pleasure in spicing up their life with a red fire touch or a dark chocolate intention…

Last, but not least, he dipped his little finger in soft salmon pink, and traced her curly lips. Contemplating his chef d’oeuvre, all that was left, was to cover her freshly sketched naked silhouette, and bend over it to lay a tender kiss on her still wet mouth.

Walking back to the kitchen, he then waited for her to wake up and slip in her silky robe, before joining him for her morning tea…

20 thoughts on “Sweet dawn…

    1. Ughhh seems like WordPress doesn’t want you to be able to follow my ramblings πŸ˜›

      About the installments…. I’ve been writing short stories, about Vohne and Cibelle lately. Slowly revealing their unusual universe.

      That first impression must have been quite gore to you… πŸ˜‰

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      1. That it did NOT succeed??? What is wrong with WordPress… Ok, I’ll have to start emailing you personally when I post… I can even send you a sum up of the post so you can choose to read it or not πŸ˜‰ It that’s not service, then… πŸ˜› LOL


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