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Mountain man… (Part one)

Previously posted April 9th 2016.


It’s about 4h21… It’s Tuesday, July 16 1985.

You can put that in your notebook. With all the things you wrote down to be sure not to forget, and all the pictures you glued here and there, and all the silly drawings you drew.

How many times have I told you it would end this way? Don’t act as if you hadn’t seen it coming! I am a loner… Always have been, always will be. You knew that. But you took the challenge of trying to change me and bring me back to the city, help me get a real job, and get married, and take care of the garden, and invite neighbours over for a BBQ from time to time…

You crazy woman… Oh sure you lured me with your sparkling legs and your giggling at my unusual views on life. “Who are you talking to?” You would ask from time to time, as I went on with my long monologues about things people don’t think about… “My friends, who else?” And you’d look around, so much into me that you hoped to see them when we both knew they were just an invention. “Ok” you’d agree each time… Honestly accepting the thought of sharing me with people that didn’t really exist.

At first, when we met, you accepted to let me go hiking alone, for days at a time, with only a knife and a few snack bars in my pocket. You’d wait for me in your city apartment, laying on your bed in a fancy baby doll, hoping lust would be enough to keep me in town for a while.

I did fall for your unusual charms for a while. You seemed to come from somewhere else, from sometime else… You seemed to be a product straight from my crazy imagination. That’s probably why I fell for you. Was I making you up, were you feeding my imagination and making it go even wilder than I had imagined possible…? And at night, I made peace with my doubts, wrapped in your angel arms only to leave you in the early morning, running back to my mountains, my hideout, where I really belonged.

One morning, you had awakened before me, and were all ready to accompany me hiking when I got up…


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