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I was broken and sparse, the sum of all the challenges life put in front of me. I carried the pieces of me in my trembling fingers when finally, I found myself in front of you. I felt lost, exhausted and alone, when I saw you, unexpectedly standing in my way… And instantly I knew.

Your eyes looked like they were coming home the moment they met my gaze, and no word was needed to fill the void between us. Some would think the journey was coming to its end, that I had reached my long sought for destination… I knew better than that.

This wasn’t the finish line, it was the beginning of my story… Of our story.

And I cherished all the trials that led me to your loving arms.



#NovemberNotes2017 – Broken vessels * Hillsong United


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring EulogiesRosema from A Reading Writer and Máh from Writing is my Pensieve.❤


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