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Farewell Loca….

Loca the Pug has passed away.

Who the dang is Loca, anyway? – Some of you are probably thinking… Well Loca was a star on The Internets. She was a little pug that had a disability that made it impossible for her to run normally. At first her owners just mocked her lovingly, and after a while, her dad wrote a song about her, they recorded a video, put it on YouTube, and BAM! Loca became viral.

I followed Loca for years… Not closely but still. I had her as a Facebook friend (if that doesn’t mean anything….!!) and she became part of my very select club of 3 funny YouTube videos that “passed the test of time”.

Yeah, because we all have videos that make us laugh now, but try the same in 5 years and chances are you’ll just think “what was the big thing??” Some other videos make you crack up once or twice… but after that, they just grow old.

Loca’s video remained one that I can pull out of my sleeve any day and be sure to giggle out loud. Even if it’s been five years. Here it is…



Oh the many, many times I’ve clicked on that little face to brighten my day! It will probably keep working, but I have to say that knowing Loca is dead makes the video slightly less funny.

I heard someone in the back asking about the other two… Yeah, I said I had three crack up videos. Some people are following! (or are those voices in my head again??) Now, since I only have three in total, I could always share the other two with you, right?

Of course… Now note that the other two are the real deal. They have been a source of laughter for over ten years… TEN YEARS! So I would like to personally thank the people who first posted them (especially the second, but I’ll get to it). Without that simple “publish” click, I would have been a different person (ok, maybe not, but still…)


First up…  From American Idol 2007:


I hate to laugh at people… Except when they’re paid to be made fun of. Then I’m ok. But this guy…. This guy…  The first time I watched the video, there was no mention of what song he was singing, and I remember the painful first seconds when my brain went like “whut the daaaaaang??” AND, the moment I recognized the song.

I also love to see people trying really hard not to laugh. That’s just one of the funniest things to watch for me… So you can understand how this one is a win/win.

Ok, that’s it… I am not even watching it, and I chuckled!


Then…. From 2006… The dancing ferret!


Don’t ask me how I found it. It is a mystery.

This one might require a much more special sense of humor to be appreciated. I get that not everybody’s into flashing fluo strob-ferrets… But if you are into absurd cut-out ferrets dancing, you’ll most likely have a good 22 seconds here! I LOVE the end.

I would like to meet the person who sat down one day, thought about this, took pictures of his ferret (holding a Corona??) cut them… Went through the whole process of making the video, recorded the “song”, glued all of that together…

I would like to know why? How long it took, and most of all… I’d like to know if there was a moment of doubt when it was time to put it online. I hope there was. I hope this guy was febrile and hoping people would like it… I wonder… I wonder if he wonders if people wonder about him, sometimes…

Ok, this is not good, I’m getting lost in my head….


So…. Yeah. Loca the Pug is no more. May you rest in peace, little furball!


Do you have classic funny videos you dig out, when you’re a little blue? If so, please share them below…. I always enjoy a good giggle!

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