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Who would I be?

It is not the first time I ask myself just that.

Yes, I do have existential doubts like everybody else, but this is not it. I just watched (again) the 1966 movie inspired by the 1953 novel from Ray Bradbury;



To make a long story short (many of you might have read/seen it but I suspect it probably won’t ring a bell to the youngest of you?) in the story, firemen no longer put off fire, they now burn books. Any reading material is prohibited and people can even give up family members or neighbours to the authorities, if they know books will be found in their house.

The main character, Guy Montag is a fireman, that gets curious as to why people aren’t allowed to read. After gathering books along missions to burn others’, and reading them, his wife gives him up, and he has no choice, but to flee life as he knew it, and join a secret society.

The book people.

The book people are people who dedicate their life to hold a piece of world’s litterature alive (literally) until humanity has evolved enough to print the different stories and theories on paper again. They choose one book they learn and assimilate it. They become the book, take its name, and identify themselves as such.

Of course, Guy Montag becomes a book too… End of story!

I know, I am not the best at summing up stories, but I didn’t want to spend this whole post on Ray Bradbury’s work. Not that it wouldn’t be worth it. Both the book and the movie are worth the time spent. (Get the book though, it is sooo much better!)

This story troubles me. So does the movie Idiocracy. People might say “society will never get so dumb!” But just over a year ago, I was convinced there was NO WAY Donald Trump could one day run the States. Not saying here that Americans are stupid, far from it, but I think that some people just know how to go after and get power, and once they have it, anything can happen. Depriving men and women from knowledge is the best way to keep that power. Even further, convincing them that they don’t need knowledge is scary as dang!

But I’m going to leave it there… Because I am not the wisest when it comes to politics and serious society subjects, and I’ll just let people who really know what they are talking about adress that kind of things…

Nonetheless, just like everytime I read the novel or watched the movie, I ended up wondering… Who would I be?

Yeah, we’re back to the book people. And I really wonder which book I’d like to save. This is so unfair… I don’t see how I could memorize a whole book, but choosing it would be even more difficult.

I’d be tempted to go for a novel from Amélie Nothomb… But looking at the books in my shelves, I wonder if I should save a classic instead? I know I’ll never have to make that choice, but I still wonder…

Yeah probably one writen by Amélie. Probably “Attentat”. That would sound cool “Hi, I’m Attentat from Amélie Nothomb!”

Then again….  Ughhh!!


What book would you be?

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