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This is the not-so-fun part of vacation…



I love vacations! Who doesn’t?

I like deciding to go on vacation, to start planning vacation and to enjoy vacation. What I don’t like so much, are the last few days before taking off officially.

Up until this morning, things were fine. But I knew the moment I opened my eyes that I had just reach the OMG-this-is-it-get-your-shit-together-gotta-take-care-of-everything stage, in the traveling process.

Not fun.

Where has all the time gone?? Have I been in a coma the past couple of weeks??

I know I’ll make it. I always manage to have everything ready in time, but I am now considering cutting on eating and sleeping time just to be sure. How come my to-do list is getting longer and longer, even though I’m working on checking everything off it? It seems the chores are multiplying faster than a wet Mogwaï!!

Why are you blogging, then??

Yeah, very good point. I just need to sit back a bit, while the washer is doing its job, relax a bit (relax????) and remember to breathe.

Breeeeaaaathe!  Breeeeeaaathe!

I know I just see it bigger than it is. I just need the plane tickets, my phone, tablet, passport and cards/money. Everything else can be found abroad. I just need to get Freja ready to move to our neighbour’s apartment. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get to fold all our clean clothes neatly. Dust bunnies will wait for me, if I don’t have enough time to catch them all before we leave…

Breathe, girl!

Ok, time for next round.

11 thoughts on “This is the not-so-fun part of vacation…

    1. I know… I always do, but I just get that irrational freaking period just before leaving. Every.dang.time! Just can’t wait to get my butt in that purple plane, and buckle up 😛

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      1. Iceland is my mom’s Denmark… She looooooves it there. I have to say that there are amazing sceneries, but it is dang-dang-dang windy, cold and expensive!


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