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My new baby!



In the process of getting ready to go back to Vikingland, I decided it was time to get a new compact camera. My last two trips, I borrowed my parents’ but it wasn’t that compact, it was rather oldish, and… well, it wasn’t mine, so I was extra nervous about losing or breaking it.

Two days ago, I came across a deal on The Internets, and I ordered this baby. It is probably not the best camera, but it was affordable, shockproof, waterproof, and I’ll be able to transfer my pictures directly to my tablet via Bluetooth! (how dang cool is that?? you should have seen me juggling with my memory cards during my previous trips!)

It got home today, and it is charging up in the kitchen. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

One step closer to you, dear DK 😉


7 thoughts on “My new baby!

    1. You two do make quite a duo… Your pictures are always stunning 🙂

      I have 2 bigger/better Nikon cameras, but backpack traveling doesn’t allow me enough space to bring them along 😉

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