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Denmark memories home at last…



When I travel to Denmark, I only carry my backpack, which doesn’t allow to bring back big gifts, or personal souvenirs… I travel light, and my most precious souvenirs are the pictures I take, and the experiences I live. I bring back friends’ smiles and giggles, the smell of the sea, and the feeling of Tivoli Garden grass under my toes…

Last February, I brought back some gift cards from Hans Christian Andersen’s museum. Each one representing one of Andersen’s most famous tales.

Smuk (beautiful): The Ugly duckling

Flyv (Flying): The Nightingale

Pige (girl): The Little Match Girl

Hund (dog): The Tinderbox

Mom offered to help me having them framed, so I could hang them to the wall… And I got them back today!!  She did a pretty awesome job I think!

The picture doesn’t really pay justice, but I assure you, those four babies absolutely rock!


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