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Welcome back, Irene!

As some of you might know, Irene, from Irene Design 2011 has been away from the bloggosphere for a while, because of serious health issues…

I know a lot of people have sent their thoughts and prayers to Irene and her family, and I, for one, have hoped that things would get better quickly! And it seems like there has been some improvement, because I was surprised to receive some “likes” from her again!!

This is very exciting for me!


Dear Irene,

I am guessing you are now able and allowed to read us on WordPress! Yay!! You might not feel well enough to write back for the moment, but I am so glad you are back online!!

Hang on! Keep fighting 🙂  You’re such a warrior!

I’m really happy, I just had to leave this little note, hoping you’ll read it!

And again, welcome back 🙂

*Stor knus*


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