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Go ahead…



I have had this quote ready to send out into the bloggosphere for ages! (ok, more like a few weeks, but for me, it felt like ages…) I am not the kind of blogger who can have an idea, start it up, and put it on the back burner for less creative days. No! I wish I could do that… and it always impresses me when a fellow blogger tells me “he/she is working on something” Oh! Great! And when are you planin on releasing it? “Oh, you know… Sometime next week, maybe.”


When my fingers start typing a poem, a story or an anecdote, there is no turning back. A story can turn around in my head for days, if not for weeks. But if I start writing it, there are 2 possible outcomes: hitting the “publish” button within 24 hours or the story will go straight to oblivion.

There are exceptions of course… For important stuff. But anyone slightly familiar to the Cove knows that important and serious are two things I don’t practice often…

Where was I going, again?

Oh yeah, that quote… I just thought it was incredibly funny. (Note that when I read it, it is always with this very sarcastic funny voice in my head, and that amuses me. A lot. I am a good public with myself!) I wanted to do something with it, but I had nothing to back it up with… Not being cocky like that myself.

Well, not often. There is that one time in Langeland… (Yes, that’s in Denmark.) The time with the old fart and the wild horses… And the great sceneries… And the 6 hours (about) long walk along some of Denmark’s most beautiful shores… Don’t remember? Or haven’t had the chance to read that story? Read more here!

The other thing that pushed me to prepare the post for publishing is the fact that I have been publicly dared by The Bag Lady! Oh yes she did!!

See the proof… Here!! (check the comments)

Now those three words (I dare you, please follow!) are like catnip for me! I can’t resist taking the challenge, no matter how silly it might seem!

Sooo… You dare me, Bag Lady? Stay tuned…


*Evil laugh*

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