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Go garden!

I love gardening…

I enjoy playing in the soil, and making things grow. And as my only alone day off this week, it was time to start my balcony garden today.

It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was nice, and Freja came out with me to play in the dirt… Well, not actually. She supervised the labor I took care of, but that’s my idea of a nice afternoon of girls quality time!

Now, I just have to hope the weather will be nice and that everything will quickly grow!

So here’s our official garden start up! ย Ta-daaaaa!


Don’t mind the bag of gardening soil… I haven’t cleaned, just yet. Tomato plant in the corner, a few herbs for a co-worker, Monsieur Basilic (it has been quite cold the last few nights, so he fell down a little, but a little love and having new neighbours will give him a kick!!) and a sweet peppers plant.


Two tomato plants for my little brother, and one for us, in the corner…


Parsley, and (shy) rosemary and (even more shy) origano… They’ll grow… No worries ๐Ÿ™‚


Coriander, chives and thyme…


Now, Mother Nature, you’re time to work! Let’s make those babies grow!!


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