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Micro poésie du vendredi…




C’est se méprendre

en fermant les yeux,

entre un coup de vent

et la course de tes doigts

sur ma joue…




2 thoughts on “Micro poésie du vendredi…

  1. I adore your poetry. No, I still am not fluent in your lovely language but I think with my practicing on your poems I am learning so very much! For example…this week’s poem. Yes, I have transcribed..translated..transposed it into this magnificent work of art!…

    In the dirt we had an understanding. Close your eyes. I promise I won’t blow bubbles up your nose while you so carefully trace my wrinkles with your fingertips.

    Well, it may have lost something in the translation.

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    1. You are never too far from the truth, Madame Suze! Well, not far from a truth 😉 Who needs truth, anyway, when you can wrap yourself in a fantasy blanket and sip hot chocolate and let our thoughts wander? Right? 😉

      I hope you’re having a blastin’ weekend 🙂 xx


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