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After Eight Moments…

Everyone knows what After Eights are… Right? Those delicious little minty chocolates… no? Well, After Eights are one of the only sweet things I just can’t say no to.

I love them!

Don’t offer me a box, I’ll lose all ability and will to share, and end up curled up in a closet, stuffing the chocolates in my mouth one after another… Eventually feeling dizzy, because, yes, my stomach doesn’t digest sugar all that well, and I’ll feel like I’m about to pass out for a while….

Anyway, After Eight Moments is a new idea I had tonight… Which might, or might not work, but hey! Gotta try to know!

I used to play a lot with photography… I wouldn’t say I had talent, but I liked looking for details of everyday life, and capturing them. And I thought I could challenge myself into taking one picture a day, around 8 o’clock, and sharing it here, with only a few words, if any.

I might take one of my 2 Nikon cameras out to play eventually, but for now, I’ll be using my Samsung smartphone (more like my Samsung camera that apparently has the ability to receive phone calls!?!?). So don’t expect stunning pictures, but I just want to “force” myself to look for the little things, like I used to….


So… (drumroll!) Here’s our first ever After Eight Moment!



Dying Dandelions…

22 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. It’s wonderful that you’re starting to do something that you’re interested in and i hope you enjoy it as much as you can have a good night or day or afternoon where you are.

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    1. Thank you for the good words 🙂 I am pretty happy to get back to photography, it was my favorite hobby back in my college years… I think it forces me to look at my environment differently, which is always an interesting thing…

      Thanks for your visit, I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend! xx

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    1. Thanks, Biff! I’m having a lot of fun with it. I have been on the watch for little things ever since I launched my self challenge 😉

      Always good to see you in the Cove 🙂

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  2. oh DUH! I finally understand! It only took me a couple of days to know what the after eight thing is about but after reading this post 47 times I UNDERSTAND! Okay, everyone needs to stop laughing and say rock on Suze! (yes, it is embarrassing how smart I can be)

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    1. Thank you, Susan 🙂 I did manage to publish a picture per day so far… I don’t take them all around eight though, because I have a very peculiar work schedule, and I decided that as long as I find a way to find something and post it around 8, I am still on track.

      It is a lot of fun to go hunting for life’s little details… And I am developping an interest for small flowers.

      If you’d like to join some day, wether it is just once or occasionally, just make sure to let me know so I can repost it 🙂

      Have a nice week! xx

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