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Cute… or Odd?

No… I haven’t found the “off” switch on my brain yet (if someone knows where it is, tell me pleeeeeeaaaaase!).

As part of my morning routine, I quickly scrolled down through what my Facebook friends had to say and show, and link in, since yesterday evening. I came across a cute video of a puppy and a kitten that are inseparable. I oooooooed and awwwwwwed a great deal, and was about to move to something else when my thoughts got in the way.

We like that kind of stories, don’t we? Cute animals that weren’t meant to get along…

Here are a few of those endearing duos…


Cute aren’t they all?? I think the feeling is pretty universal.

Why is it cute? I am no great thinker, but I’m just guessing that it has to do with the blind love between the two animals. The fact that two creatures, naturally drawned to others of their kind would come together regardless how different they are. And the most unlikely the duo, the cutest they look, right?

Now, what’s the big deal, Cyra? Are you just wasting our time (again)?

I don’t think so, but I’ll let you judge.

How come unlikely animal duos are cute, but unlikely human couples are odd? Let’s be honest, we don’t recognize the greatness of blind love when it comes to our own kind. Very tall with very short, overweight with thin, young with old, ugly with beautiful… You name it, the usual first thought that comes to one’s mind is not “awww  look at those two, how cute are they??” Nope. The human brain naturally jumps to a quick “What the dang are they doing together??” reaction.

And we look for reasons…  Just think about a very ordinary (I hate “ugly”…) man marrying a stunningly beautiful woman. Most people would frown, and have the reflex of thinking that he’s full of cash and she’s just after the money.

Yeah, we’re like that… Human kind.

Most evolved species, right?

Sometimes I’m not so sure…




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