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Go garden!… (day 22)

I wanted to do a 3 weeks follow up yesterday, but I had a lot to do, and when I finally got to it, the sun had set and the garden was in bed.

Yes, a garden sleeps! Don’t wonder why your indoor plants always end up dying if you didn’t know that! We all need to eat, drink and sleep… Animals need to eat, drink and sleep. And plants are also alive stuff! Therefore… Voilà! They need to eat (whatever plant-food they find in the soil), drink (but forget about milk, orange juice or liquor… I’ve tried to treat my plants once or twice but they clearly don’t appreciate the gesture) and sleep! That’s the most difficult part in growing plants, since not all plants sleep for the same amount of time, and some like to stay up late and take their time in the morning….

I rock at putting plants to sleep. I have several techniques. I can just talk about my personal interests, which bores them to death, or more precisely the step just before that; sleep. Sometimes, I feel nice and I do some story telling about when I’ll take them out of the mini greenhouse, and into a big pot of their own, and how I’ll give them crushed eggshells and plant food if they are nice. That’s very motivating for them. I like using their competitive side also, and arrange who-will-sleep-first races! Keeping them away from the tv doesn’t hurt either. They do get distracted easily.

And after 3 weeks of hard work, here are the results:


No, I didn’t hang the mini green-house to the wall, forcing my plants to grow all crooked! But today is a very sunny day in Montréal. And here’s a fun application to plants, for those of you who don’t see the point in growing parsley when the grocery store has plenty of it ready to chop-chop and eat-eat; plants are great sun-locators! That’s right! As soon as the sun peeks out from behind thee clouds, the plants turn its way, just like men and mini skirts at this time of year (or any other time of the year, for that matter). So if you are the type of person always like “where’s the sun, again? Where is it??”, I recommend you adopt one of these greenies!

Anyway… My Tomato plants are clearly winning the race so far. Coriander is following close behind, and Chives are pushing hard as well! Parsley and Thyme have considered another angle in our exciting race. Instead of going for height, like the three previous contestants, they’re going for quantity! Clever, right?

The Hot Peppers are taking their time, but I can’t blame them. It is their first year competing for my balcony garden contest. Those seeds weren’t aware they’d be entering plant-olympics when I bought them! I’m sure they’ll do better next Spring!

Origano, Lettuce and Rosemary are a little behind, but I see the effort. I have a shy leaf here and there, and I hope they won’t give up! Yes, it is a competition, but sometimes, it’s not just about your achievement, as much as how you compete! I make sure to motivate my three underdogs by telling them about the Jamaican bobsled team, at the Winter Olympics… I mean, come on! If that’s not a good role model for them, what and/or who will be?

My Tomato plants, and Coriander startups will know the joy of transplantation tonight or tomorrow… I can’t wait to see the effect it will have on everybody!!

Until next time…


One thought on “Go garden!… (day 22)

  1. Interesting! I’m the serial plant killer and not allowed to own plants/flowers/shrubbery unless I have a co-owner. I do have a cactus, but it’s Arizona…everybody has one.

    What are they planted in…the blue thingy? Is that some sort of seedling cup?

    I know…I’m hopeless. 😕

    Continued success to you! 👍


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