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What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

Pinch yourself! No you’re not dreaming…

I don’t usually discuss politics… I have my opinions, but I don’t follow the subject enough to engage in discussions and debates about this or that matter, I leave that to those who like to follow Provincial, National and International politics…

I especially don’t know much about American politics. I must admit though, that I was so absurdly surprised by the elections last November, that I exceptionnally keep an eye on what comes out of the White House nowadays. Because, let’s face it; I’m no expert, but it is a bit like a reality show… And a sad one, if you ask me.

Today, Québec recieved messages from leaders around the globe. Dang! The Eiffel Tower’s lights have been turned off to show France’s support after Sunday’s events in Québec City…

And here is the message we saw on the news, concerning Donald Trump’s condolences…



Let me quote M. Spicer here…

“It is a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilent, and why the President is taking steps to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our nation’s safety and security.”

I don’t want to play the offended virgin here, but WHAT?? For those of you who wouldn’t have followed the events (I don’t blame you, there are shoot outs everywhere in this crazy world, can’t keep track of all the madness) here are 2 important facts in the story:

  1. The presumed assailant is a caucasian male, whose family doesn’t come from any of the countries M. Trump seems to have stuck a bullseye on.
  2. The victims were Muslims, and the events took place in their Mosque at prayer time.


Now, Mr. Trump, with all due respect… What in that compares to your wall building and purging the US of all scary-country people? And makes you think “Hah! See, how we are doing the right thing?”??

Should we have sent “home” these Muslims, in order to keep this poor white boy from having to enter their holy sanctuary to shoot them??

I am sorry… I hate ranting. It is not my style… But this was just too absurd!

In French, the right expression would have been “Ajouter l’insulte à l’injure”.

End of ranting… Come back next year if that’s what you like in a blog… LOL


11 thoughts on “What? – Reacting to the White House’s condolences…

  1. How disrespectful and totally inappropriate!

    Lives were lost in another senseless attack, and instead of simply extending condolences, it’s yet another opportunity to ramp up his axis of fear and hate. Ugh!

    His supporters won’t follow through to get ALL the details. ‘Muslim’ and ‘shooting’ are all I’ve seen all day on the news and social media.

    This is what happens when people refuse to read and think for themselves. Flawed rhetoric becomes the basis for their beliefs.

    Again, I say…Ugh! And…I’m out! 👍

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    1. Exactly my point, Felicia… Such a precise and well penned sum up of my own thoughts…

      I know politics will remain politics, a power game based on playing with words to get people to nod and agree, but still.

      I wasn’t exactly surprised that Mr. Trump’s team would try to benefit from such tragic events, but as our direct neighbour, I would have hoped they would have just adressed their condolences, and waited at least a few days to serve the “I told you so” speach. (even if it is bullcrap, given then actual facts)

      Sad (again) how in these days of universal access to information, facts are twisted and turned around to make the masses believe things that aren’t true.

      As you said…. Ugh! *Sigh*


  2. I cannot believe that was said. As an American I continually scratch my head at the insanity coming from that administration. These days people think it’s okay to do those things (attack or openly hate the minority, like Muslims and Mexicans). Why? Christianity/Catholicism is the single most deadly religion on this planet going back hundreds of years. Those religions waged full out wars. How is this any better? The actions of a few do not reflect the whole. We cannot condemn an entire race or religion based on fear of potential reprisal. This kind of action is no doubt going to stir up more hatred in the end.

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    1. Amen, Sarah…

      There’s so much wrong going on these days, it is almost unbelievable.

      I don’t understand blind hate. And I don’t understand the need for some to fight in the name of God, regardless of the religion. Having been raised in a Christian environment, and having lived in a Muslim country for several years, I know that religions are not the problem. All religions I studied teached love.

      But men always used faith as a reason to fight and conquer.

      Ignorance can be an effective source of fear, and fear can make people do terrible things… I think the actual US governement is playing with that fear factor, and it is sad.

      I know that what we see happening South of the border is not a reflection of the general American opinion…

      Sadly, hate still generates hate back. Let’s just hope the cycle will somehow get broken.

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  3. Trump is a disgrace. He doesn’t speak for all of us and he shames us each and every day with his ridiculous rants on Twitter, his outrageous memos and proclamations. Those of us with brains we actually USE are appalled at his bigotry and misogyny. I felt such sadness that yet another shooting occured, and the thought that Canadians were involved was such a shock to me. You guys are known for your openness and acceptance. Please accept our apologies for being insulted by our president.

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    1. Madame Suze, absolutely no need to appologize, though I appreciate your comment…

      I only talk for myself, but I know that Canadians who also use their brains know Trump’s ramblings are not the reflection of America’s voice.

      Québec is such a peaceful, welcoming corner of the world that it hurts to think that one of “us” has hit a community that has long made its place among us.

      To hear the representative of the White House use the events to prove that the recent measures put in place in the US were a good thing was a slap in the face, but I know it is not the voice of the majority… Thank God (Hah!).

      I feel for the millions of people who have to deal with having a president representing them although they don’t share his power trip thoughts.


  4. I said this yesterday on another blog…keeping up with all of the ridiculous and ignorant things happening here is too much. I just want to cover my ears and eyes and bury my head in the sand for 4 years. But of course we can’t do that. We have to be on top of this stuff. If he does all these things while we are looking…imagine if we all look away! There is just SO much to be on top of. It’s sad and tiring…and it’s been 11 days.

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    1. I have a thought for my American friends everyday since he officially became President… I have disagreed with some decisions former Prime Ministers have taken in the past, but I can’t imagine having to deal with what you people are experiencing.

      I have a feeling it is not the last time I’ll get irritated with news from South of the border. But I know it is not the opinion of the majority…

      Good luck with the 4 years minus 11 days to go!



  5. My heart weeps for my own country. Never thought I’d say that as an American. Sending prayers of peace and love to everyone, no matter where they live, what religion they practice, or their heritage.


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