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World(press) Amazing race… Update!!

Today is a special day…. The first round of the first World(press) Amazing Race is on!!

If it doesn’t ring a bell, here are 2 posts to get up to date 😉


So here’s proof Donkey, Owl, Monkey and Lion are on their way!



Look at them, all happy to head to their new (hopefully temporary) house!

As a reminder, here are the current teams:

#TeamDonkey hosted by Suziland

#TeamOwl hosted by Crazy Love Parents

#TeamMonkey hosted by The Bag Lady

#TeamLion hosted by The Happy Life 101


You want to join in? It is not too late! We still have those little fellows, who are waiting to jump in an enveloppe and go visit you…



And I’d like to add that on top of just participating to my childish project, Crazy Love Parents will use the Race to teach her home schooled kids about the countries where the Critters will travel. And I think that’s pretty cool!!

So don’t be shy, join in the fun!

9 thoughts on “World(press) Amazing race… Update!!

  1. Cyr! Up there! felicia wants to play! so excited about the imminent arrival of my lil donkey! We will be visiting several of the wondrous sights about enid OK, and then the baby will be on his way to a new place. Photos will be taken…I better remember to ask Angela to come along. I need to be in the pictures as well I think. WOOT! The race is ON!

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