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Denmark beware…



Oh yeah baby!

In exactly a month, I will be on my way to Keflavik, Iceland. And then, we’ll be heading to….?

Yes dang yes!!!  Denmark!!!!!!!!!!!  I am coming back, Vikingland! And I am bringing backup this time. Keep an eye on your local newspaper… They might mention the two crazy French Canadian girls rocking DK at the time of year Danes don’t expect visitors!!

I can hardly imagine how exciting it will be, since J, my bestfriend (you know, the crazy girl who arranged my 30 gifts for 30 years of friendship night?) will fly for the first time in her life…

I still have a few things to take care of… Our schedule is pretty much set, so I am couch hunting again. It is fun to imagine I’ll introduce her to so many first times… First flight, first real trip, first time backpacking, first time couch surfing, and many others…

I just want to appologize for being more quiet in the Cove, because I do have to finish my preparation and it keeps me away from the keyboard even though I’d like to be here blabbing about silly stuff.

I’ll keep answering to all your messages, but there might be a little delay. 🙂

One month… Just one month…



11 thoughts on “Denmark beware…

    1. LOL You’re not far from the truth… I text my friend everyday, reminding her of how many days are left before take off… And it will get more and more intense as time goes by Mouahahahahaha

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  1. 2 Canadians in a giant Country of over 5 million! Remember to distribute yourselves equally on Sjælland, so as not to throw off the balance, making the rest of us slide into the North Sea!

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  2. WHAT!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! DJ’s sister just traveled to Iceland this past summer and she could not say enough good things about it! It’s sound magical. I’m so excited for you- and of course, Denmark… well that goes without saying 😉 Happy Packing, Cyranny!!!!! ❤

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    1. Thank you Mack 🙂 xx

      Well… Iceland is basically a pitstop. We’re just stopping to change planes this time. I am hoping to have enough time to take J out of the airport just so she can say she was in Iceland lol

      I will have to plan another trip someday and cut on my DK time to spend some in Iceland though… Iceland is my mom’s Denmark, and she keeps telling me how absolutely awsome it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. OHHH I see!!!!!!! Either way, Denmark is so exciting! Definitely still on my bucket list. Since blogging my bucket list is getting super big…. I need an excuse to travel again!!!!! Happy travels 🙂 ❤

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      2. Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 And if I find a “time-stopping” machine, I’ll make sure to get you one, so you can take a break from your super busy life to travel a bit more yourself 🙂 xx

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