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Think positive…



I had a bad day yesterday. I won’t go into details, because it is useless, and of no interest. It isn’t the important thing.

The important thing is that at that precise moment, a dear friend popped in, with these simple yet full of wisdom words.

Think positive… Even when it is difficult.

I knew he was right. But sometimes, you just need to hear the obvious from lips you trust.

Today, I tried to keep my thoughts on the right side of things. I was still sad about last night’s events though. My friend came back with more soothing words, and with his support and his advice, I shook off the boohoo thinking still lingering.


And while going through my evening at the office, This surprise was sent to me from Momma. For those who don’t enjoy jumping from Blog to Blog, here’s what Momma wrote (she nominated me as “The Wildcard”) ;


The Wildcard
If you think that a blog/blogger should be recognized for an aspect of their blog/blogging personality that doesn’t fit a category on this list, then you can nominate them here, with the name of the aspect that they deserve and a comment. Though no one will necessarily β€˜win’ this, those that stand out will be featured in the Results post.

Momma’s comment: And I would like to nominate Cyranny here just because I could have nominated her in almost all above and she would have deserved every single one of them.



If I can’t forget yesterday’s events, these two pats on my back sure made a big difference on how today is ending. And as I watch the last hour of this day go by, I am grateful to you two… And I just had to leave a mark of it here… In the Cove πŸ™‚






6 thoughts on “Think positive…

    1. Good always comes, even from the worst situations… (not saying that it was “that” bad lol) and feeling low just made me appreciate all the more the kindness around me πŸ™‚ Thanks for wondering! xx

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