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27 years ago, Québec was wounded in its history…

A disturbed man entered a College, separated men from women, and slaughtered the girls. With all the madness going around in the world, 14 deaths and 14 wounded people could seem like a minor incident. But it scarred the province deeply.

I know one one of the victims’ sister, and I feel for the families today. For the victims’ and for the killer’s. A sad day…


Here are the trailer and movie telling the story of this horrible day. The movie is in French, though. I couldn’t find a full version available in English, or with subtitles…



9 thoughts on “Polytechnique…

    1. I have trouble killing flies and spiders… I just can’t understand the need to kill, and how much anger these people must keep in… As you said, just seems they’re “soulless”… Sad.


    1. It is a very sober recalling of the events that took place 27 years ago. I think using black and white adds to the dramatic feeling of he movie… I’ll try to find a link to an English version, because it is so totally worth seeing. Sad, disturbing, but eye opening too.

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