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Out of town…



We had to ride out of town today… Out of Montréal and to Trois-Rivières, for family business.  Which is why I’ve been quiet today, and will most certainly be tomorrow.

But you have to agree, it is a great road to follow…

6 thoughts on “Out of town…

    1. That’s for sure… Family is the most important thing 🙂 My parent’s have a business, and were moving it to a new and bigger building. It was a loooot of work, but I am happy we joined in and helped as much as we could…

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      1. Moving anything is a BIG project!!! It was more than I had expected when we did our move- but always produces some great memories 🙂 That was so kind of you, and I’m sure they appreciated the help a tonnnnnn! Happy Tuesday, Cyranny💕

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      2. My mom and dad deserve all the help in the world, they are such awesome people! Chéri and I did our best, and in the evening we cooked for them, because they’ve been eating restaurant food for the last 2 weeks because of all the work… I think they enjoyed the comfort food, and we enjoyed cooking together for them 🙂

        An awesome Tuesday to you too 🙂

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