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Unfortunately, last night was the last for Tapis Rouge’s Nordic Film Festival…

It was kind of cold outside, the movie was a little late (9 pm) and I hesitated a bit. But is was a co-production from Iceland and Denmark (ringing a bell?? :P) so I put furry socks on, and I went anyway.

While waiting for my bottle of water and After Eight candy bar (yes, put a cross on your calendar, I ate sweets for no reason!! Well, I do still enjoy the mix of mint and chocolate to this day… Possibly my only sweet spot!) I learned that Ben Stiller was in the room next to the one where my movie was presented.

But I was there to see Sparrows… Not Ben Stiller.


Sparrows… Sparrows… What a treat.

First of all, my mom will be sooooo jealous, Iceland being her Denmark! The movie was shot in a little fishermen’s village, and the sceneries were absolutely stunning. Great start.

Ari, a teenager living in Reykjavik with his mother, is sent to stay with his grandmother and absent father  in the small remote village where his family used to live. But things have changed since,  when he lands in the Iceland’s countryside village.

The journey of the father and son, trying to fill the 6 years long gap that separate them is like a roller coaster going from tender to very harsh. And Ari tries to fit in a community where alcoholism and drug use is just normal and gives place to raw scenes.

The beauty of the landscapes contrasts with the hardness of the alcoholism problems, and sexual abuse, and Ari tries to win his childhood girl friend’s heart in a world where he doesn’t belong anymore….

The perpetual light of Iceland’s summer also plays an important role, at least for those who never experienced it. It is confusing, in an interesting way, never knowing for sure if it is night or day…

Atli Oskar Fjalarsson, playing Ari, is great! The young actor is Under his angelic looks, he gives the audience just enough a glimpse to understand the suffering and rage the teenager holds in. If you get to watch it, think about me when he gets high… You’ll understand which scene I talk about… beleive me!

Again, a great Scandinavian movie…  bon cinéma!

4 thoughts on “Sparrows…

    1. I definately recommend it… a slow paced, raw life depiction… a few scenes really made me uneasy, which doesn’t happen often!

      Please let me know what you thought about it, when you see it 🙂


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