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I have a dream… Again!


Dear lovely readers,

The old-timer ones among you know about my deep love for Denmark. The new faces probably don’t, unless they visited my “About” page.

What happened with Denmark? You might wonder… Have you had an argument, and left each other for good?

No… I love Denmark as much, if not more than before traveling there. But when I came back to Montréal, I had a hard time dealing with the (too) good souvenirs I had in my bag.

I got the Denmark blues… Songs, movies, watching the pictures I had taken… All of that made me tear up, and I decided to put all of it in the closet for a while. I had read other traveling Bloggers talking about the After-Trip Blues, but I guess I was in denial…

But today I happened to read 2 posts, from 2 different Bloggers I follow around, and put together, they lit a spark in my Denmark-sorry mind.

I have a new dream now… One that involves writing, traveling and of course, DK.

It will be a lot of work to build, but I think I am crazy enough for the task. I’ll tell you more about it as things come together…

The first step for me will be to re-vamp and finish my traveling blog, “The Turtle’s Journey”. If you like traveling, and want to give a hand, trying to make a dream come true, come visit my home away from home, and follow the Turtle 😉

Here’s where to find me, with my backpack on…


And here are the links to the two posts that opened my eyes to the need I had to have this new dream…


Dream on!


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